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At WeeTutor we’re committed and focused on creating a learning environment and build  academic confidence to support a successful  learning journey toward a professional career. We believe that a student can highly benefit from the involvement of two professionals with two distinct roles working for the same goal. A teacher inspires curiosity while providing a wealth of information whereas a mentor focuses on important details that allows the student to apply abstract ideas and enhance their overall curriculum understanding. It is the reason why mentors become a key to their success. Let us join your journey and help you achieve your goals.

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Send us an email , give us a call , or simply text us . We are committed to providing you with the best advice and guidance to the goals you wish to achieve. After our consultation, we can schedule an assessment date and time to discuss the subject details and get into action.
Our assessment process is very simple but a crucial step to evaluate the student’s academic level and/or the difficulty being encountered. It is a collaborative process to determine the academic goals  and identify the best approach to create a personalized learning environment. Our assessment is an adaptive one.  The tutor and the student work together to identify his/her subject knowledge, techniques, skills and fully understand what really works for their unique learning. This is very challenging, and we love it. A tutor needs to be patient, empathetic, and subject knowledge expert. These are a few reasons why a personalized plan is essential. Our FREE assessment is about 15 minutes long  before a scheduled tutoring  session. We will do the following
  • Assess
    • learning techniques.
    • Resources.
    • Learning gaps.
    • Skills have yet to master
  • Setup the student's online platform.
  • Schedule preferred times for future meetings.
  • Complete the tutoring session.
  • Continue to support.
We focus on supporting our student’s individualized plan based on his/her learning needs and work together by using our unique tutoring approach

Visualize concepts, make connections, and use analogies. This amazing method is a great way for understanding and memorizing new or difficult concepts.

Challenge the student to apply abstract ideas and first principles into problem solving to develop confidence and speed.

Directly what they learned to solve required course related problems.
The support system gives our students the confidence to stay on top of their material. This creates  a significantly important environment and motivation  to continue enhancing their performance asynchronously. We also want to be accessible whenever we are needed, even for a quick question. We have answered numerous questions on the go, free of charge, by email, text, and our online platform.
  • Open an interactive online platform
  • Monitor progress
  • Share resources
  • Stay updated
Personalized Learning Sessions

At WeeTutor we provide students with the best learning experience anywhere and anytime. We understand that every student has unique learning styles,  different academic levels, interests, and strengths. That is why we personalize our tutoring sessions to meet their unique learning needs.

Our Objective
Our Unique Tutoring Approach

We are professional tutors that love to see our students have a rewarding experience and  empower them with the skills to identify the most effective way to learn.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Highly qualified tutors.
  • Subject experts.
  • Excellent Communicators.
  • Reliable.
  • Go above and beyond.
  • Focus on strengths and overcome academic gaps.
  • Share our knowledge and experience.

We want to make sure that you are happy with our services throughout our sessions. We don’t believe in forcing you to stay with us if you think we are not providing you with the learning experience you need. That being said, we have special packages to reserve your future time slot. 

Our Tutors
  • Significant experience and subject experts, often times years of experience in the specific course.
  • Excellent communicators.
  • Bachelor’s degree and above.
  • Guide students implement their assignments, reports, and projects.
  • Flexible weekdays/weekends schedule.
Our Students
  • Access to academic help anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to their assigned class online platform to interact with their tutor/mentor.
  • Access to the resources and discussion group when available (free of charge).
  • Free revisions on previous sessions to our regular students.
  • Exercises and worksheets.
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Preparation takes a long time to collect resources, understand concepts, and apply to problem solving. In addition, you need develop the speed to complete the given exercises or tests in a given time. Our experience and expertise in the subjects we specialize in are your best chance in getting you through!

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Do you need preparation? WeeTutor provides you with reliable tutors to help prepare for your next test, course, or exam.
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